Why is it priced $65 for My Deadly Book About Me?

At $65 each postage included, 78-page My Deadly Book About Me is excellent value. My Deadly Book About Me should be thought about as a significant, important cultural work of art & body of knowledge. It is a high-quality full-colour perfect bound book, so it can be a treasured keepsake for many years to come. For $65 each, you get a complimentary clear plastic book cover, bookmark and free delivery.

In terms of recognising Intellectual Property, the price acknowledges the depth of research, preparation, writing, design and licensing that has gone in to the 78-page book. From a practical point of view, the price incorporates printing, book cover, post packing and distribution as well as the various costs associated with self publishing, marketing and storing the book.

Who can use it?

The book is created for individuals of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels who have Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander ancestry. It is a personal book that belongs to an individual, who then decides how much of the information is recorded, and shared or revealed to others.

It is not designed as a teaching tool, however it can be used to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to build a stronger connection with their cultural identity and family heritage. There are many important community links that are provided in the book, to enrich their journey of discovery.

Where can I get a copy?

All sales are being made through the author Michelle Tyhuis, and her website mydeadlybookaboutme.com.au. She has sold/donated and delivered over 2000 books since mid-2019 to customers across Australia.

Payment methods are credit card through our secured website, direct deposit to our bank account or money order via post. To order My Deadly Book About Me, visit the website or contact Michelle directly via email or phone to request an order form.

How long until I receive my book after ordering?

Your order is packed and on its way to you within 24 hours, or the next business day if you order on the weekend. You will receive a tracking number once it arrives at the post office or with our courier – so you know exactly when to expect it.

How can I order for my organisation?

We welcome orders from businesses, organisations, educational institutions and service providers who work closely with, or provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Please download and fill out the order form to let us know how many copies you’d like, and where it needs to be delivered to.

Once the order form is received, a tax invoice will be provided with final costing for the order plus postage & handling. If the order is Townsville-based, delivery is free. When payment is received, books are dispatched.

How will the book help me?

The cultural needs framework which inspires the chapters inside My Deadly Book About Me provide an invaluable perspective on the interconnected aspects that strengthen one’s cultural connections. Author Michelle Tyhuis has invented creative ways to view the six aspects of cultural needs by compiling 57 worksheets. These worksheets will help guide you along your journey of connecting with culture, family and your own values and beliefs.

My Deadly Book About Me promotes social and emotional health and wellbeing from an Australian Indigenous perspective. The concepts and guided activities will assist individuals to reveal both traditional and contemporary approaches to improving emotional, spiritual, physical, environmental and social wellbeing.

There is so much benefit to having My Deadly Book About Me. The book is enriched by what you share inside and can grow with you for many years to come. My Deadly Book About Me provides a wonderful sense of belonging and cultural pride, it helps to improve communication skills and as you yarn with family to find answers – it builds positive relationships.

How do I start using the book?

The introductory chapters are an important starting point. From there, it is up to you to choose and start with the pages that hold relevance and meaning to you. The family tree provides a foundation to your research, which you can keep delving in to by recording details about your parents. The cultural protocols list is also an important first step in grounding your research activities.

Have you heard about My Deadly Cultural Support Guide? This resource can help you implement and embed My Deadly Book About Me content as part of your workplace/community activites.

Where did the book idea come from?

My Deadly Book About Me is the creation of Michelle Tyhuis, who independently wrote, produced and published the book in July 2019. Michelle is not associated with any organisation, or cultural group, and has created the book entirely driven by her passions, professional skills and determination. Michelle has always wanted a book like this to record all of her family history research, and so she made it and shared it with her local community and Australia.

Why was My Deadly Book About Me sponsored?

Althea Projects and Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville provided much needed financial support in June 2019 to enable My Deadly Book About Me to be prepared for print, the first 400 copies printed and distributed across Australia. Up until this point, there had been no funding towards My Deadly Book About Me and achieving milestones was slow and near impossible. To provide an idea, $7000 was required for perfect-bound printing and then another $1000 for the required licensing and registrations for the book.

What happens to money raised from sales?

A lot of care is going in to sharing a percentage of the profits with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in need and our local community. In the first 400 copies printed, over $4,000 worth of books were given away to community members and our sponsor organisation to share with First Australian clients. Profits are also being used to continue developing cultural resource products, like the new My Deadly Family Tree Poster which was released September 2, 2019.

Was it hard to self-publish?

Author: “Yes! It was extremely challenging because of the volume of work and the many hats I had to wear to make My Deadly Book About Me happen – as well as maintaining self belief. I drew on nearly 20 years working as a journalist, graphic designer and contemporary visual artist as well as my time in business management and Indigenous leadership programs to bring together everything that makes me feel proud as a First Australian. With-out these media, communications and business skills as well as my love of culture, art and design, it would not have been possible to create My Deadly Book About Me.”

“Hundreds of hours went into drafting the pages, rewriting them and then thinking about a visually pleasing layout – and hundreds of hours went in to finding (begging!) for sponsorship support to get across the line into printing the book! Then there was getting barcodes and licencing, website design and a huge marketing campaign involving a NAIDOC week launch to tell everyone about it. It has been a huge journey in such a short time, but so worth every step!”

Who is ordering the book?

There has been overwhelmingly positive uptake of My Deadly Book About Me across various industries which engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Hear what others had to say, or look at our list of supporters.

Across Queensland, Act for Kids have thrown their support behind My Deadly Book About Me by buying books for their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients in Townsville (40), Mackay (10), Cairns (40), Toowoomba (20) and Gold Coast (5). Act for Kids have specialist teams that “support children, young people and families across the whole spectrum of child protection from community education programs to tertiary services”.

How can I contact the author / publisher / distributor?

Please send an email to michelle@mydeadlybookaboutme.com.au or call Michelle directly on 0411 503 801 during busines hours. You can also direct message us via the social media accounts for My Deadly Book About Me. Michelle typically replies the same day.

Will the book be suitable for my culture, and family?

My Deadly Book About Me publication and pages are designed to acknowledge. respect and be inclusive of Australian First Nations peoples cultural diversity. The book content works from a common ground and unifying framework of ‘cultural needs’ that is relevant to both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

My Deadly Book About Me especially affirms and pays homage to Tyson Yunkaporta’s ‘8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning’ (2009). To find out more, click here: The 8 Ways Online

What does it look like inside?

The inside of My Deadly Book About Me is beautifully designed, with each page created to be highly engaging and memorable. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork and design features help make the content culturally relevant and appropriate.

As well as the six chapters containing activity sheets, there is also a really useful Introduction that includes opportunities to acknowledge traditional custodians, Elders and important cultural protocols. At the end of the book are a couple of colouring in sheets, and a handy notes page.

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