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My Deadly Cultural Support Guide is created by Michelle Tyhuis, through her small business The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture, based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.

A 110-page professional resource that helps individuals provide strong, engaging cultural support to First Nations people.

My Deadly Cultural Support Guide is full of cultural insight, advice and practical tools for providing cultural support and safety to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities. It is designed to support the implementation of activities within My Deadly Book About Me.

Inside the publication are worksheets for the professional to complete covering pertinent topics such as Acknowledging cultural protocols, embedding First Nations perspectives, Indigenous knowledge frameworks, cross-cultural communication, reconciliation, cultural support planning and much more. Following in the style of My Deadly Book About Me, the worksheets aid in recording specific information about the First Nations individuals and/or groups you are supporting.

My Deadly Cultural Support Guide is created so individuals in caring, supportive roles have their own practical resource to record important cultural information that will strengthen the ways in which they engage with and support First Nations Australians.

The guide is suitable for people working within the education and training, health, family support, child safety & protection, charitable services/programs, foster and kinship care industries and more.

My Deadly Cultural Support Guide is a must have for all beginning and experienced teachers and should be in all school and University libraries.

Dr Grace O’Brien, Lecturer/Researcher with QUT Faculty of Education, School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education.

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Book Chapters

How you can use MDBAM and this guide to enrich your engagement journey.

Inside MDBAM
An introduction to MDBAM’s cultural needs framework, the 6 chapters and the worksheets inside MDBAM.

My Toolkit
This section contains useful working sheets to assist with planning and engagement. Learn labout and record local histories, languages, protocols and events.

The benefits of MDBAM for individuals and the ways it will grow shared awareness and understanding of a person’s cultural, personal and spiritual needs.

Getting Started
Practical advice on how to connect with First Nations individuals including an exploration of traditional knowledge frameworks and inclusive approaches to assist you in your supportive role.

Special Features


First Nations Ways of Knowing & Being
There are many opportunities to get to know the 8 Ways of Aboriginal Learning, the Cultural Interface theory and the Social & Emotional Wellbeing Wheel (from a First Nations perspective) on different pages inside My Deadly Cultural Support Guide!

Ways to Build Rapport, even Remotely
There are a range of suggestions for how you can engage with First Nations individuals including using the benefits of yarning circles and offering topic based activities. Inside the guide is an information sheet highlighting bundling My Deadly Book About Me activity sheets into special interest areas (see page 53 of the Guide).

Create your yearly plan
Use the intuitive planning sheets in My Toolkit to map out an engagement opportunities. For example complete the Monthly Planner of Events and use the Cultural Support Plan to hone in on individual goals and mutually beneficial events to attend.

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