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Our Deadly Book Club mission:

Creating a connected community of cultural support for individuals, organisations, groups and families who are exploring and utilising My Deadly Book About Me content.

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Every year, an increasing number of schools, organisations and service providers are embedding My Deadly Book About Me content into their supportive engagements with First Nations individuals and their families.  They are purchasing in bulk and engaging with the content regularly and for long periods of time. 

This interest has led to requests for professional guidance, support and wider opportunities to network – and so in 2021, Our Deadly Book Club is born to create a ‘connected community’ with a common passion. The passion is strengthening the cultural connectedness of First Nations individuals, and providing the best possible environment for personal growth, wellbeing and wellness.

Our Deadly Book Club helps to organise and focus in on relevant topics of interest and discussion, and will strengthen professional cultural competencies, and overall My Deadly Book About Me experiences and outcomes.  Support will be provided by My Deadly Book About Me author and small business owner Michelle Tyhuis, who is an accomplished journalist, graphic designer and visual artist.

The Club’s strength will develop from members interacting with the author and other members’ stories, journeys and lessons so they can improve the way they engage with First Nations people in their own regions.  There may be great approaches that can be replicated in different regions, and a way to join together to share special skills.

Quick Facts about the Club

  • Open membership to MDBAM customers including book owners and support people.
  • Complete the Membership Registration Form to sign up for Our Deadly Book Club.
  • Choose the level of club engagement via the registration form.
  • Club members are assigned a Membership Level, related to length of resource use.
  • Stay up to date and informed, and participate in online discussions through our social media accounts, and regular email news digests.
  • Only $9.90 to register, and you receive a membership card in the mail.

More about Club Membership

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Club Publications

Michelle Tyhuis publishes and distributes cultural resources under the My Deadly Book About Me initiative.  My Deadly Book About Me, 2019, is a 78 page book that assists individuals with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestry to record, explore and share aspects of their cultural identity, family history and community connections.  There are 56 worksheets provided spread across six chapters which are inspired by an endorsed First Nations cultural needs framework (by SNAICC).

Associated cultural resources:

My Deadly Cultural Support Guide, 2020, is a 110 page book that assists professionals, family members and community people to embed My Deadly Book About Me content into their everyday practice.  There is comprehensive information, advice and handy worksheets on pertinent topics like cross cultural communication, Indigenous knowledge frameworks and cultural support strategies to help individuals plan and prepare for their cultural discussions, interactions and activities. 

My Deadly Family Tree A1 Poster and My Deadly Calendar of Events Magnet are two other resources that also strengthen the ways individuals connect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, heritage and cultural practices. 

Cultural Support Guide, A4 perfect-bound 78-page book.
Family Tree A1 Poster
Calendar of Events A5 Magnet

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