Club Membership

Open membership, and a small sign-up fee…

To sign-up there is a $9.90 fee, for admin purposes. You’ll receive a special Our Deadly Book Club membership card in the mail, and join our online database of contacts for future networking opportunities, special offers and online support. Currently there are 100 membership spots available in Our Deadly Book Club – how much you participate is totally up to you.

Special benefits & opportunities include:

Any one, or all of the following,

  • Cultural Conversations
  • Online Support
  • Monthly News Updates
  • Motivational Talks
  • Communications Support
  • Networking Community

The will be a professional service fee for some of the above opportunities – including communications support such as helping with the graphic design and layout of promotional flyers or posters. A price guide is available upon request.

Who can join:

Our Deadly Book Club members can come from three main groups/backgrounds.

  • Individuals and close family members
  • Facilitators and their group participants
  • Organisations and their team members
  • Service providers and their clients

Our Deadly Book Club is inclusive of the support networks existing around the individual member, so if you don’t ‘fit’ in one of the groups above, you are still able to join our club. Members details are confidential and it’s only when you agree to participate and connect, that will we share what you feel comfortable with.

Registration Form

The registration form can be sent to us after you pay the sign-up fee. You can complete the registration process yourself, or nominate to book a short 5-minute phone interview and we’ll record all the details for you.

What you’ll receive in the mail after completing registration – a membership card and DL flyer with contact info.

Membership Levels

Our Deadly Book Club members are organised into levels to help identify appropriate networking and support connections. There are four levels related to the length of time utilising our cultural resources.

Level 1 – Diamond (>12 months)

Level 2 – Ruby (1-2 years)

Level 3 – Sapphire (2-4 years)

Level 4 – Emerald (5+ years)

My Deadly Book About Me is spreading across Australia! Photo by Marley Morgan.

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