5 Ways to Stay Connected to Culture and Community

# 1. Spend quality time with Elders and people you know who do amazing things for others and for country.

# 2. Add culturally significant dates to your Calendar or Yearly Planner. For example, note down NAIDOC Week events in your local community, and prepare for upcoming art competitions!

# 3. Show support for your First Nations organisations, small businesses or community groups – by volunteering, purchasing their products or actively participating in their journey in some way.

# 4. Learn a creative cultural activity (or form of cultural expression) and share it with others. For example, paint an artwork that tells your story, learn and practice some traditional games (ask your parents, and grandparents!), or even learn basket weaving or traditional tool-making skills.

# 5. Participate in land care and conservation activities. If you can’t find a group, do your own bit to protect and care for wildlife and special sites in your community.

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