My Deadly Book About Me

A 78-page cultural resource that enables Australian First Nations people to record their family story within a supportive ‘cultural needs’ framework.

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6 Chapters, 57 Focus Areas | There are six special chapters inside My Deadly Book About Me which are inspired by SNAICC’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Cultural Needs framework – Where I Come From, Who I Am, Where I Belong, Who I Belong To, What I Believe and What I Do. (See graphic below) Spread across these six chapters are 57 activity sheets, or focus areas, that are completed from the individual’s own cultural perspective. For example, within the chapter ‘Where I Belong’, you can go to the page ‘Traditional Seasonal Calendar’ to fill in a chart that shows what seasonal calendar aspects apply to one’s own traditional or local country environment.

Your journey, Your Story | Individuals with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural ancestry can complete pages inside My Deadly Book About Me at any stage of their life journey, and in any order. The pages provide spaces to record specific information (see example ‘My Personal Totems’ image, at right), as well as a blank facing page for photos, charts or other notes. Each page has a creative, vibrant and engaging layout and design, making each topic area fun to explore and memorable.

Individual Benefits | My Deadly Book About Me can powerfully strengthen an individual’s sense of cultural belonging, connectedness and wellness. As the individual learns more about their own family history and cultural heritage, there will be greater confidence and ability to engage with family members and become more involved in community events and activities. Benefits of My Deadly Book About Me include:

  • Personally involving you in family history research;
  • Growing stronger relationships with family through the sharing of personal stories, and cultural knowledge
  • Identifying personal and cultural values and beliefs;
  • Discovering ways to be healthier, happier & more fulfilled;
  • Affirming diverse, unique cultural identities; and
  • Providing new ways of ‘thinking, being and doing’!

Personal Development and Growth | My Deadly Book About Me will contribute to an improvement in certain hard and soft skill personal development areas. Hard Skills – ‘are skills for a specific job’ and include:

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Cross cultural understanding & sensitivity
  • Researching & Note-taking
  • Interviewing – active listening, activy enquiry
  • English literacy – reading, writing, arithmatic
  • …And much more!


  • A4-sized, perfect bound book
  • 78 pages, vibrant full-colour
  • For all ages, skill-levels
  • For First Nations peoples
  • Family/community friendly
  • Invaluable learning resource
  • $65 ea, includes delivery
  • Bulk order discounts apply
Published by The Bullroarer – Connecting Through Culture.

Soft Skills ‘are a part of your personality. My Deadly Book About Me aims to give you more confidence! “Confidence comes from feelings of wellbeing, acceptance of your body and mind (your self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience.” Individuals can work towards developing these ‘soft skills’ as part of their My Deadly Book About Me journey:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
  • Networking & Collaboration Skills
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Work Ethic & Problem Solving Skills
  • Cultural Engagement Skills – Acknowledgement & Respect

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