Inside My Deadly Book About Me

My Deadly Book About Me is divided into six chapters which relate to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Needs framework.   Each chapter has up to 12 activity sheets.  The book chapters are explored from a personal perspective: Where I Come From, Who I Am, Who I Belong To, Where I Belong, What I Do and What I Believe.

The 57 activity sheets spread across the chapters are interesting, diverse and presented with a unique creative flare that is culturally appropriate and memorable (making finding your place easier). There are a highly engaging and insightful combination of activity sheets that involve researching and recording both written and oral histories, and completing fun tasks that involve connecting with country, family and people in the community.

My Deadly Book About Me is highly creative and allows you to participate in storytelling through art such as by designing your own cultural flag and family shield. A selection of activity sheets encourage drawing pictures or diagrams of the information rather than recording the written word. There are colouring pages in the back of the book to facilitate mental wellbeing practices and provide an outlet for spiritual, cultural connection through colour and the interpretation of story.

Here are some examples of the inside pages:

My Deadly Book About Me is a place for individuals to record information that is specific to themselves, their family and their own cultural heritage. The book is a way to preserve and protect local and family histories and maintain strong cultural connections. Through My Deadly Book About Me family members and carers can find common ground, strengthen their relationships and improve their support network.

My Deadly Book About Me is a beautiful book for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages – it is a perfect bound life story book that involves a journey of learning, understanding and being that is lifelong. My Deadly Book About Me provides so many opportunities to share your story with others in a creative, engaging way – add photos, charts, special notes and memories to the blank page opposite to really develop deeper insights and understanding of your Ancestors and unique cultural identity.

My Deadly Book About Me is widely celebrated and so unique it would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to own a copy for yourself or a loved one! If you’d like to order now, please click here.

If you would like to ask a question about My Deadly Book About Me, please email

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