Third reprint already

It has been 9 months since My Deadly Book About Me was released and we are excited to announce we are awaiting the third reprint – an amazing milestone! At the moment we have distributed 550 books across Australia, reaching every state and territory except for the Torres Strait Islands region. The book has been in production at Lotsa Print, based in our hometown Townsville, North Queensland, for the past week so we are hopeful it arrives soon!

Thank you to our Major Sponsors Althea Projects Incorporated and Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville (FEAT) for providing vital financial support that helped realise the My Deadly Book About Me dream.

Althea Projects CEO and Author or My Deadly Book About Me
Alhtea Projects CEO Paula La Rosa and author Michelle Tyhuis at the book launch in July 2019 at Townsville’s NAIDOC Deadly Day Out.

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