The Author

Michelle J. Tyhuis

My Deadly Book About Me is created by Michelle Tyhuis, 39 – a direct descendant of the Meriam Mir people of Torres Strait.  Michelle Tyhuis is a fully qualified journalist, graphic designer and contemporary visual artist and she drew on nearly 20 years of professional skills, knowledge and experience in Indigenous media, digital design, the creative arts and cultural mentoring to produce My Deadly Book About Me.

My Deadly Book About Me was based on a dream of Michelle’s to make a book that her three sons, aged 6 to 15 years, could use to guide their research and start yarning with family members about their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and family history. 

Author Michelle Tyhuis, pictured above.

With the help of her partner, Andrew Perkins of the Darug tribe of Greater Western Sydney, who fulfilled the important role of Aboriginal Cultural Advisor, My Deadly Book About Me was put together with great attention to cultural sensitivities, the appropriateness and value of the activities, and the important spiritual journey that an individual will take to uncover aspects of their past and own unique identity.

Michelle hopes My Deadly Book About Me will help preserve and protect our valuable oral histories and promote greater acceptance, mutual respect and understanding within families especially between the younger and older generations.

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