Here are testimonies from customers and supporters of My Deadly Book About Me – highlighting the positive impact the cultural resource is having, and the ways in which is it being used.

Special reviews:

Dr Grace O’Brien, a lecturer/researcher with the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education, at Queensland University of Technology says:

“My Deadly Book About Me is such a wonderful resource about cultural identity.  This book can be used in a classroom setting with children from the very commencement of their schooling.  Cultural identity and connection to Ancestors and Country is such an important aspect of a child’s life and this book offers an engaging and fun way for children to personally take part in finding out about who they are and where they are from.” (February 2020)

Robyn Presdee, a Chaplain with Chaplaincy Services, Corrective Services NSW says:

“I have found the publication MDBAM to be an essential teaching resource and invaluable in recording personal cultural knowledge to restore cultural identity, pride in and respect of culture. Every person, and there have been many that I have approached, without fail who have seen this book and turned the pages to explore the content have been in awe of what the publication contains and the capacity the book has to inspire one to explore and record who they are, where they come from, what is unique about their cultural story.” (February 2020)

Customer feedback:

Di Bakon, Board of Directors at YWCA, Canberra said on LinkedIn:

“Just wanted to share my latest purchase with my network because I am just thrilled.  Thank you Michelle Tyhuis I am going to really enjoy filling in this book with my family and I am sure this book will be the start of much storytelling and sharing of knowledge and experience.  #mydeadlybookaboutme #supportingindigenousbusiness #culture #identity #community #connection #indigenousbooks #indigenouswriters

Janet King BSW (Hons.), a social worker with Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Service, Palm Island Community Company says:

“Thank you so much Michelle.  I received the books today.  They are beautiful and I am sure the people I work with will love them.” (December 2019)

Stephanie Lingwoodock, via Instagram says:

Thank you Michelle @mydeadlybookaboutme I love the book and you come up with a way for Aboriginal people to record their culture and ancestors.” (July 2019)

Semone Breed, via Instagram says:

“Like many of our mob I have bits and pieces of information, documents etc on my Mum’s Dad, less of my own father and even less of my Mum’s Mum.  So this might help out put everything together. Since I was a jarjum I have been keeping notes and have a couple of files worth of info.  With the book you have created I can put it together for my mob.  Thank you so much for this and bless you Sis.  Yours Sincerely Simone Breed.  Wiradjuri, DTharawal and Bundjalung.” (July 2019)

Tanya Biondi, via Facebook says:

“Wow, your book is amazing.  I love it and can’t wait to spend quality time with it this weekend!  Such an inspiring work book…” (July 2019)

Ashton Kreuzer, via Facebook says:

“This is stunning and amazing and I would love for my Koori friends to check this out!” (August 2019)

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