My Deadly Family Tree Poster

My Deadly Family Tree Poster – a one-of-a-kind family mapping resource for First Nations Australians!

The My Deadly Family Tree Poster is a larger version of the Family Tree activity page within My Deadly Book About Me (see Page 7), with more room to add photos and special notes.

My Deadly Family Tree Poster features blank spaces to write the names of family members and ancestors going back to one’s Great Great Grandparents generation.

The poster is an invaluable cultural resource to have to strengthen ancestral connections and personal knowledge of family history. It enables individuals to collect and share detailed information with family members, and is a powerful storytelling tool.

The poster also features a space to add photos, record the names of traditional languages, and includes a separate section with the names of reputable places to contact to continue Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family history research.

The A1 poster measures 594mm (h) x 841mm (w), and is suitable for All Ages.

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