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My Deadly Family Tree Poster

The My Deadly Family Tree A1 Poster is Australia’s only poster for recording the names, birth place and birth date of all of your family members up to your great great great grandparents generation!

Measuring 594mm x 841mm, My Deadly Family Tree Poster has space for photos, a place to record your family’s languages, and a contact list to help you continue your important family history research.

Benefits of giving the poster to First Australian people:

  • Improved sense of family connections & belonging
  • Increased cross-cultural understanding
  • Develops strong communication & literacy skills
  • Provides opportunities to yarn and share stories

BUY My Deadly Family Tree Poster

A vibrant poster for recording the names and details of an individual's family members. Each poster comes in a mailing tube. Price includes postage & handling Australia-wide.


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